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Reborning is the term used to describe a revolutionary new form of doll-making. Reborn artists strive to create life-size baby dolls of the most astonishing realism. Using a variety of realistically moulded head/body and limb sculpts sourced from around the world, practitioners of this art begin to create the baby they are envisaging in their mind's eye. In the best examples, the attention to detail can be awe-inspiring. Baby-fine hair is made real by individually hand-implanting strands one by one. Undertones, veining and graduations of skin tone are captured to such a degree of lifelikeness, that from a photo it is sometimes impossible to tell a reborn apart from a real baby! Further realism is enhanced by the choice of realistically weighted, easily posed bodies, beating hearts, body-warming mechanisms, squishy baby fat feeling skin and so much more. Even though the art of reborning is still in its infancy, it continues to evolve at an amazing rate under the innovative guidance of its practitioners.


GERBA was formed to promote artistic excellence in the realm of reborn artistry. It consists of a small group of hand-picked professional reborn artists and doll collectors. Founded in Europe, GERBA aims to provide doll collectors worldwide with a reliable source of the highest-quality examples of this artform. GERBA's artists have been selected for their outstanding dedication to excellence, their highly regarded creative innovation and perfection in the art of reborning and their exceptional level of customer care. Adopting a GERBA baby ensures a collector of complete satisfaction and a doll of truly heirloom quality.


GERBA's five founding members (FM symbol) are responsible for the day to day administration of the guild. An independent silent committee is responsible for over seeing that the guild is running smoothly and is maintaining the highest levels of excellence. All GERBA members are monitored by this committee to ensure that their standard of work is kept at its highest.  New members are invited on their artistic merit, adherence to quality workmanship and their degree of customer satisfaction. The committee sights potential new members and has the power to invite membership or terminate membership to the guild.


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